westbam at uni-paderborn.de westbam at uni-paderborn.de
Thu Dec 15 07:31:43 EST 1994

Hello users!

We, the people at WI2, University of Paderborn, are setting up a WWW-server.
The main structure is already finished, but we have some probs/tourble in finding 
OS/2 mail-tools (we want the www-user to fill out a form in the html-document, that
is directly send to a specified address (us)). So we need your help concerning the 
following topics (remember OS/2!):

- mail file structure
- general infos
- sendmail scripts (cgi) for WWW-server
- OS/2 Mail-server tools

Please mail your answers to westbam at uni-paderborn.de
Thank you very much in advance,


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