[FYI] Call for Proposals - Telematics Applications Programme (fwd)

Reinhard Doelz, Biocomputing Basel doelz
Sat Dec 17 11:23:16 EST 1994

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Subject: Call for Proposals - Telematics Applications Programme

>(Apologies if you receive this more than once)
>15th December 1994
>The first TELEMATICS APPLICATIONS Programme Call for Proposals has been 
>issued today. It is being made available simultaneously on paper, World
>Wide Web and via ftp.
>You can access the call via WWW at:
>or you can retrieve the complete 'Proposers Pack' by ftp from:
>ftp://ftp.terena.nl/telematics/proposers-pack-PS.tar.Z (Postscript)
>ftp://ftp.terena.nl/telematics/proposers-pack-RTF.tar.Z (RTF)
>The closing date for submission of proposals is the 15th March 1995 but
>outline proposals may be submitted before then. Please see the call for
>more details.
>Please let me know if there are any problems accessing these documents 
>but specific queries about the call should be addressed to the European
>Commission <telematics at dg13.cec.be>
>Due to the nature of the documents, an ascii text version is _not_ being
>made available.

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