EXPASY - NEWS (November, 1994)

Ron D. Appel appel at cih.hcuge.ch
Thu Nov 3 05:41:06 EST 1994

The ExPASy World Wide Web (WWW) molecular biology server in
Geneva is dedicated to the analysis of protein and nucleic acid
sequences as well as 2-D PAGE. It is being constantly improved and
upgraded. Since its beginning in August 1993, many new databases
have been added, as well as tools and software packages. This work is
the result of the collaboration between the University Hospital of
Geneva (Denis Hochstrasser, Jean-Charles Sanchez, Elisabeth
Gasteiger, Ron Appel and collaborators), the Medical Biochemistry
Department of Geneva University (Amos Bairoch) and the Glaxo
Research Center, Geneva (Manual Peitsch). 

Here are the main databases and tols accessible on the ExPASy server

1 Databases:

 o SWISS-PROT - Protein Sequence Database (with pointers to
   REBASE, EMBL, GenBank, PDB, FlyBase, GCRDb,
   MaizeDB, Medline and OMIM)
 o PROSITE - Dictonary of protein sites and patterns 
 o SWISS-2DPAGE - Two-dimensional Polyacrylamide Gel
   Electrophoresis Database 
 o SWISS-3DIMAGE - Images of crystallized proteins 
 o ENZYME - The Enzyme Data Bank 
 o SEQANALREF - Sequence Analysis Bibliographic Reference
   Data Bank 

2 Tools:

 o Swiss-Shop - a sequence allerting system for Swiss-Prot that
   allows you to automatically obtain new sequence entries
   relevant to your field(s) of interest.
 o Swiss-Model - an Automated Knowledge-Based Protein
   Modelling Server. 
 o Amino Acid Composition 
    o by AA composition - Identify a protein by its amino
      acid composition. 
    o from a SWISS-PROT entry - Compare the amino acid
      composition of a SWISS-PROT entry with all other
      SWISS-PROT entries. 
 o GuessProt - Get the SWISS-PROT proteins closest to a given
   pI and Mw. 
 o Compute pI/Mw - Compute the theoretical pI and Mw from a
   SWISS-PROT ID or AC, or for a given sequence. 
 o BLAST - NCBI's Basic Local Alignment Search Tool. (at
 o BLITZ - EBI's ultra-fast protein database searches using
   MPsearch. (at EMBL)
 o PROSITE - Scan a sequence against PROSITE. (at EMBL)

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