[announce]: server at Dept. Expt. Therapeutics/Cancer Chemotherapy

John J Welch jwelch at acsu.buffalo.edu
Tue Nov 8 10:00:56 EST 1994

Announcement:  New WWW Site

Who:  The Department of Experimental Therapeutics
      at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, NY  USA

      included therein: 
      The Graduate Department of Molecular Pharmacology
    	and Cancer Therapeutics

What: WWW Site providing information about this department's research programs
  	and interests, specific information about departmental faculty, and
	information about the academic programs offered through this 
	department (jointly, with State Univ. NY at Buffalo).  Links to 
	topical resources (molecular biology, drug development, cancer and
	cancer therapeutics) are provided.

Why:  This site was developed to share information about our department with
	the world, to advertise our graduate program, and to facilitate 
	sharing of information with remote collaborators.

When: 	The site is in operation 24 hours/day, and is online at this time, and
	will remain so for the foreseeable future.

Where:  URL:  http://beerman.med.buffalo.edu
	(port 80)
	Physically located in the Beerman Lab, Grace Cancer Drug Center.

How:	The server is implemented on an IBM clone PC, a 486/33 with 8MRAM/12M
	swap.  The whttpd server is version 1.3, and is running under MSDOS 5.0
	Windows ver 3.1, and Trumpet WinSockets version 1A (soon to be updated
	to 2B).  For the time being, the machine is not dedicated to the server
	but is use for wordprocessing, spreadsheets etc.  So far, users have
	not experienced significant degredation of these functions due to the
	presence of the server on this machine.  Currently, there is no FTP
	access to this machine, although public files can be retrieved via

Note:   This server is still being set up, and certain features are not yet
	enabled.  This project will continue to develop over the next few
	months.  Please report any comments regarding operation of the server
	to welch at sc3101.med.buffalo.edu
John J. Welch				Phone: 716-845-3233	
Roswell Park Cancer Institute		Fax:   716-845-8857
Dept. Exp. Therapeutics, GCDC233	Email: jwelch at acsu.buffalo.edu

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