[Q] Word-processor to HTML converter?

Lachlan Cranswick lachlan at dmp.csiro.au
Sat Nov 12 23:58:56 EST 1994

Can people recommend methods to convert scientific
information and documents in various Word-processor
formats to HTML.  It would be very nice if 
images inside the document could also be converted
into gifs and embedded.  Most of our scientific
information that we would like to put on the WWW
is in Word for MS-Windows 2.0c.  It would save
much time if this could go (almost) straight to
HTML format.

Is there other software available.  I.e..,  RTF
(Rich Text Format) to HTML?


I would also appreciate a discussion on
how other people are converting existing scientific
information and onto the WWW.  
It is hard to see our scientists spending
much time on this unless existing Word-Proccessor
documents (with all the appropriate formatting 
already present) could easily be converted into HTML.

Thanks in advance,


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