[Q] Word-processor to HTML converter?

Martin Kroeker martin at oc2.oc.chemie.th-darmstadt.de
Sun Nov 13 07:05:12 EST 1994

Lachlan Cranswick (lachlan at dmp.csiro.au) wrote:

: Can people recommend methods to convert scientific
: information and documents in various Word-processor
: formats to HTML.  It would be very nice if 

Unfortunately i have not yet found the time to try Dr. Doelz' interesting
JAM system. But for existing documents, you can get the rtf2html program -
it is, i believe, essentially a PERL script. My personal experience is
limited to its latex2html counterpart, this works fairly well. It will split
the original source into a number of cross-referenced hypertexts, converting
tables, formulae and pictures to GIF or XBM. 
There is even a html style for LaTeX that defines macros that will give 
either footnotes or hyperlinks depending on whether you run it through TeX 
or the converter, so you can use one system for both printed and hypertext 
versions of your text.
Hope this helps,
Dr.-Ing. Martin Kroeker                 
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