[Q] Where can i find html mail systems & Guestbook's

Reinhard Doelz doelz
Fri Nov 18 02:32:47 EST 1994

saevik jan (jan_saev at embla.gih.no) wrote:
: Can anybody help me locate those neat pages that makes able
: to leave a message or mail people from html-pages.
: I have seen those types of html-pages on lots of WWW sites
: and i wounder how it is done.

The most recent versions of some browsers support the 'mailto' method. 
This comfortable feature allows a provider to state a single URL and the 
'client' has to do all the work. The other alternative is to have the 
provider do a fill-out FORMS which is then sent to the host via WWW as 
a complex 'query', and processed accordingly. 

The newsgroup bionet.software.www uses a PERL script via a CGI POST 
method. The latter is 
# ||Copyright 1993 Steven E. Brenner                                    ||
# ||Unpublished work.                                                   ||
# ||Permission granted to use and modify this library so long as the    ||
# ||copyright above is maintained, modifications are documented, and    ||
# ||credit is given for any use of the library.                         ||

Maybe this helps 

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