Announcing SEQNET WWW Server

L. H. Bell L.H.Bell at
Wed Oct 12 10:34:12 EST 1994

SEQNET, the U.K. academic communities SEQuence NETwork computer for
molecular biologists and the U.K. node of EMBnet announces the
availability of its World Wide Web (WWW) server.



<a href="">SEQNET</A>, U.K. molecular 
biology site and U.K. node of EMBnet.

There now follows a brief description of SEQNET


The <I>SEQNET</I> node at <A HREF="">Daresbury</A>
 offers access to all major molecular biology sequence and structure
<A HREF="">databases</A>. 
There are two <A HREF="">full time
molecular biology posts</A> and it currently serves over 2100
users. The central node has a distributed structure based on a
front-end Silicon Graphics 4D Crimson (144Mb memory, 50Gb disc
storage) to which are attached two IRIX Indigos, a DECsystem 5100, and
two DEC Alphas as back-end servers. There is also a MasPar for running
fast, exhaustive sequence comparisons based on the Smith-Waterman
algorithm. All major software packages are provided (e.g. GCG,
Serratus, Staden, Pearson, Blast, Phylip) plus a host of other
utilities, particularly for protein analyses. Network services include
<A HREF="gopher://">gopher</A>, Internet NEWS, <A
HREF="ftp://s-ind2/pub">anonymous ftp</A> and distribution of the
<I>EMBnet</I> and <I>BIOSCI</I> bulletin boards. The system is
connected to the major nation and international
networks. <I>SEQNET</I> provides a range of training courses, both one
and three-day colloquia and seminars are given
regularly. <I>SEQNET</I> is government funded via the <I>Biotechnology
and Biological Sciences Research Council</I>.  

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