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In article <slager.782092112 at kali> F.Slager at PObox.ruu.nl (Felix Slager) writes:

  >Hi there,
  >I'm looking for imagemapping software in order to make 'hot spots' in .gif 
  >images. I'm trying to make some decent HTML pages for a hypertext journal 
  >concerned with neurophysiological and psychonomic research results and 
  >would like to ad this feature.
  >Could someone please help me finding the tools with which I can make 
  >images active in a graphical hypertext browser like Mosaic or Cello?
  >Thanx in advance...
  >Please send any reply to F.Slager at pobox.ruu.nl
I use the program mapedit by Thomas Boutell. It allows you to
interactively create rectangles, circles and polygons on your .gif
image, specify which URL they correspond to, set a default URL etc. It
runs under X and is fairly user friendly - certainly better than
writing the configuration files by hand!

You can ftp mapedit from several places; try looking in


in the directory


there are several pre-compiled binaries there, as well as the source
that you can build yourself.

I know there are other programs out there that allow you to do this,
but mapedit was the first one I came across and suits me just fine.

Hope this helps

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