[Q] [Looking for] jobs producing bionet software

Tim Dugan timd at Starbase.NeoSoft.COM
Tue Oct 18 11:13:24 EST 1994

[Note from the moderator: This request has been expanded on request.
The Mail suggestion program on www.ch.embnet.org requires full FORMS
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> Date: Tue, 18 Oct 94 11:09:10 +0100
> >Looking for sw dev of molec. biol. software.  Can you help?
> Please could you be a little bit more precise in your query.

To: Christopher Wadley

Dear Chris,

Unfortunately, the Mosaic application only let me put in a short

I am trying to find possibilities for doing software development
on molecular biological applications, especially relating to genetics.

I noticed on the WEB you had many such software applications, so I
thought you might be able to direct me toward the producers of them.


Tim Dugan

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