[Q] Help on production of Mycolases and Asparaginase by Streptomyces

Sherif Morad smorad at ritsec.com.eg
Wed Oct 26 10:47:05 EST 1994

Hello everybody

	I need help on
		Production of Mycolases by Actinomycetes
			genus : Streptomyces spp
		Production of Asparaginase by Actinomycetes
			genus : Streptomyces spp
	I can use any availabel papers and documents concerning these
topics. Also, I'll be greatful if you send me the names of mailing lists
news groups and journals concerned with microbiology and how can i
subscribe there.
				Thanks in advance

	Sherif Mourad Ghaleb
	Regional Information Technology and Software Engineering Center
	Cairo, Egypt.
	e-mail smorad at ritsec.com.eg


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