[Q] web server hardware

Brian Pugh westview at hookup.net
Sat Oct 29 10:29:19 EST 1994

We are presently setting up an ethernet LAN in our school
(multi-protocol, mostly Mac & ppp), connecting to the Internet using
ISDN and Ascend Pipeline 50 to achieve up to 128kb. We want our students
to be producers as well as consumers of information; thus, we are working
with them, using Robert Bates' Supertext HTML editor, to create mosaic

We wanted to purchase the Bolt, Beranek & Newman server, but it may be a
bit costly for our budget. Can you recommend any hardware,including Mac,
that we might use. Further, what minimum RAM and storage capacity would we
need? (I read that the Murray Elem. School in Virginia had approx. 7,300
accesses at one, 24-hour peak period).

Any help, re-direction, hints, etc. would be much appreciated.


Brian Pugh
Head of English
Westview Centennial Secondary School
North York (Toronto), Ontario

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