GDB on WWW has links to GSDB sequence data

Sat Oct 29 13:03:01 EST 1994

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	GDB Browser on WWW includes links to sequence data at GSDB

GDB and the Genome Sequence Data Base (GSDB), hosted at the National Center 
for Genome Resources in Santa Fe NM, have jointly developed improved 
connections between human gene mapping and sequence data via the World 
Wide Web.  Detailed information about loci and probes retrieved from GDB's 
WWW server now includes links to GSDB DNA sequence entries.  

Selecting the DNA sequence accession number(s) associated with a locus or 
probe in GDB brings back a tabular summary of all associated sequences from 
GSDB. The summary shows the entry name, length, accession number, and a brief 
sequence description. Each summary line is linked to the detailed GSDB 
flatfile sequence entry.  These GSDB sequence entries in turn include links 
to GDB through gene symbol and map location. For example, following the map 
location link from GSDB retrieves all the loci in GDB mapped to the same 
cytogenetic region as the sequenced locus.

For more information, contact:
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	Genome Data Base
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