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Wed Sep 14 09:43:54 EST 1994

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[ Posted on 12 Sep 1994 22:13:56 -0700 ]

The Protein Domain database PRODOM is now accessible on the Web at:

<a href=	>URL</a>

ProDom is a collection of protein domain families that have been generated
automatically from Swissprot by Blastp and the Domainer algorithm (See
Sonnhammer ELL & Kahn D (1994) Protein Science 3:482-492).

The ProDom WWW server allows you to query ProDom by keywords, Blast,
or directly with Swiss-prot acronyms.  It also makes it very easy to
retrieve and display the families.

The main new feature of ProDom (apart from being updated to Swiss-prot 28)
is that it now graphically displays the domain organization of Swiss-prot
sequences according to ProDom.  Also the algorithm has been improved to
cause less fragmentation of the sequences.

Erik Sonnhammer
Sanger Centre
Cambridge UK

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