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Reinhard Doelz doelz
Thu Sep 22 01:31:37 EST 1994

Sharokh (sharokh at wrote:

: I've already setup my home page, but I was wondering if there is any
: documentation out there to develop and create multi-pages, programming, etc
: for mosiac/www.  Even like how to include graphic files in X and other
: graphic interface.  Any suggestion would be greatful.  Thanks

In the Mosaic 'Help' button at the top-right of the screen is a pointer to a 
<a href="">
FAQ </a> which might be useful. The NCSA httpd has a couple of 
<a href=""> tutorials</a> 

The CERN httpd is basically compatible with the NCSA one but has some nice 
features which are diffrent from NCSA's. The CERN server FAQ is on 
<a href=""> CERN </a>.
In particular, the 'Common Gateway Interface' (CGI) is important, see 
<a href="">
the corresponding documentation </a>. 


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