Mosaic cont.

Neal Dalton nrd at
Wed Sep 28 15:50:14 EST 1994 at HULAW1.HARVARD.EDU wrote:
: As pointed out earlier in this thread, the "problem" with Mosaic &
: complex program setup is that various Form items cannot interact
: with each other.

The software or CGI should tell them the error when they run it.  Just
like if you where doing it from a command line or email.

It the software doesn't handle this, the software is broken.  To work
around the bug in the software, the CGI can do the error checking.

: The real problem is that once we humans get a fancy interface
: like Mosaic, we (rightfully) expect such higher-level interface smarts.

I don't know about rightfully.  Rightfully, the software should do
error checking.

: On the other hand, getting the sequence into Mosaic is a client issue.

One option is to provide a ftp address that the CGI can grab.  That is
until they fix this in the Mosaic clients.  Which I believe they plan
on doing.

Yes, it would be nice, if you could have the client check your params
for you.  But it would take away much of the elegance of HTML.


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