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Fri Jul 21 04:37:59 EST 1995

     WWW-Query: a World-Wide Web server for accessing sequence data
              banks and performing multivariate analysis

     We  announce  the  availability  of  WWW-Query, a World-Wide Web
     server for accessing sequence collections indexed with ACNUC and
     for  performing  multivariate  analyses  on  sequences.  General
     collections  like  GenBank  or  EMBL can be accessed, as well as
     specialized  data banks like Hovergen or NRSub. The home page of
     the server can be reached at the following URL:


     Indexation  with  ACNUC  makes  possible the building of queries
     using many criteria to retrieve sequences. Criteria are based on
     mnemonics,   accession   numbers,   keywords,   taxonomic  data,
     bibliographic  references,  dates  of insertion in the bank, the
     nature  of  the  genome from which a sequence has been obtained,
     etc.  Also, the notion of subsequence introduced in ACNUC allows
     to   retrieve   idependently  genomic  fragments  of  biological
     interest like CDS, tRNAs, rRNA, snRNAs, etc.

     The  result  of each query is represented by a list of sequences
     and  this list is temporarily stored in our server. By this way,
     it  is  possible to re-use a previous list to build more complex
     queries  or  to  perform treatments on a set of sequences. Up to
     now,  these  methods  consist  mainly in programs for performing
     multivariate analyses on the CDS or the proteins. These methods
     are: Principal Component Analysis (PCA), COrrespondence Analysis
     (COA), and Multiple Correspondence Analysis (MCA).

     If  you  have  any questions, feel free to ask me (preferably by
     Email) at the following address:

                  Guy Perriere
                  Laboratoire de Biometrie, Genetique et
                  Biologie des Populations, URA CNRS 2055
                  Universite Claude Bernard - Lyon 1
                  43, bd. du 11 Novembre 1918
                  69622 Villeurbanne Cedex

                  Email: perriere at biomserv.univ-lyon1.fr

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