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Wed Jun 14 18:41:40 EST 1995

The GNA-VSNS Biocomputing Course, which is currently in progress
on the Internet, wishes to announce the availability of the 
transcript of a BioMOO guest lecture by

   Dr. William Pearson,
   Department of Biochemistry, 
   University of Virginia, USA.

You can find the transcript at the URL:
   http://www.gene.cinvestav.mx/bcd-session4.html or
Dr. Pearson commented on a new version of the FastA program (v. 2.X) 
that includes score statistics and an eventual Smith-Waterman alignment.
He also discussed new results regarding FastA 2.X and Blast comparisons
using different substitution matrices (these results have just been 
accepted for publication in "Protein Science"). 
Student's questions centered on issues regarding FastA and Blast use, and 
search strategies to find homologous sequences to a query in databanks.
We thank Dr. Pearson for patiently answering all questions !

The session was part of the weekly meeting of Francisco De La Vega's
study group. Altogether, 32 students and 7 instructors from all over the
world are currently engaged in the course, covering the basics of Sequence
Analysis.  Both Bill Pearson's and Francisco's connections to BioMOO were 
initiated from the Aspen Center for Physics workshop "Patterns in 
Biological Sequences", which was held at Aspen, CO, USA (May 29-June 11, 1995).

More information about the VSNS Biocomputing Division is available at the URLs:

Kind Regards,

Francisco M. De La Vega

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