[DI] Calculate average intergenic distances ?

"ChristopherGWinter"cgw1 at columbia.edu "ChristopherGWinter"cgw1 at columbia.edu
Wed Jun 28 09:02:06 EST 1995

I've been thinking about the possible correlation between gene function
and organization. More specifically, whether there is a tendency toward
clustering of genes which play a role in the same physiological pathways,
excluding genes which are related to each other in sequence. I wondered
if it would be possible to test this by somehow using the genome database 
(human I suppose) to calculate the average distance between genes and 
compare it with the average intergenic distance for genes which are known 
to function together.

Does anyone know of software which would allow one to do such an operation
on a  genomic database, or if it would be difficult to write such a
program (for an experienced programmer with some background in molecular

Any thoughts or leads on this will be greatly appreciated.

Christopher G. Winter
grad. student
Columbia Univ

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