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Technology, Tools, and Applications      April 10-14, 1995, Darmstadt, Germany 
Organizer: Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics      Darmstadt, Germany. 
Information on main conference: http://www.igd.fhg.de/www95.html

                  Workshop E:  BIOLOGY ON THE WEB 
    WORKSHOP E is to be held at Monday, April 10, 1995, from 2 to 5:30 pm. 
Information/abstracts available:   http://www.ch.embnet.org/bio-www/www95.html 

All  start  with users, go to analysis of genes and sequences, proceed with a
program package interface and end with high-tech and 3D future. All talks are
expectedly 20 minutes and 10 minutes discussion.

Scheduled talks/demonstrations:  

   14:00 WWW in Biology - Achievements of a special user group 
   R.Doelz, Workshop chair, BioComputing Basel, Switzerland 
   14:30 Experience and Expectation A WWW User Report
   J.Suehnel, Inst.f.Molekulare Biotechnologie, Jena, Germany 
   15:00 A WWW Server for Linkage Analysis 
   A.Audic, G.Zanetti, Center for Advanced Studies, Cagliari, Italy 
   15:30 World-Wide Molecular Biology Data Browsing
   T.Etzold, EMBL Heidelberg, Germany 
   16:00 WWW2GCG: Integration of a command-line application package
   M.Colet, BEN, Brussels, Belgium 
   16:30 VMRL for the combination with 3D scenarios of biomolecules
   H.Vollhardt, G.Moeckel, C.Henn*, M.Teschner*, J.Brickmann, Inst f.
   Physikal. Chemie, Darmstadt, Germany, and *SGI, Riehen, Switzerland 

   17:00 Round-table
   All participants
   What would be specific developments in Biology
   which preset requirements for WWW development? 

Reinhard Doelz

Please note that all attendees *MUST* register for the workshop.

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