[DI] insect mazes ?

"SoutheasternSDU#337-Augusta"ssdu at darkstar.rsa.lib.il.us "SoutheasternSDU#337-Augusta"ssdu at darkstar.rsa.lib.il.us
Wed Nov 8 15:32:50 EST 1995

My student Doug Ellerman wants to research simple invertebrate 
conditioning using crickets.  Following is a letter from him:  My plan is 
to starve the crickets for a day or two and then place them into a simple 
maze with food at the end.  I will time the crickets and then place them 
back into the food chamber and a week later repeat the process. I will 
test crickets many times over a period of two months to see if they do 
better the more times they are tested.  I want to find if they improve.
    If you were doing the experiment is this the way you would go about 
doing it?  Is there anything that I could do differently?  Should I 
starve the crickets or is there a better way?
     Could you please advise me on some resources about insect 
conditioning and maze running?  If you have any further suggestions 
please tell me.            Thank you.      Doug Ellerman

Jennifer Roberts <ssdu at darkstar.rsa.lib.il.us> 

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