[DI] botanic program: Ellenberg, Die Zeigerwerte ?

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MarcusRudke (rudke at uni-muenster.de) wrote:
: "EngelbertBuxbaum" EBUXBAUM at man.ac.uk wrote:

: >In article <1995Oct11.131536.10006 at comp.bioz.unibas.ch>, 
: >"Diana"diana at chemie.fu-berlin.de says...
: >>
: >>I'm looking for a german botanic programm called Ellenberg, Die Zeigerwerte. 
: >>If you have any information for me, I would be pleased to hear from you. 
: >>Thanks a  lot.
: ------
: >Are you shure that this exists as a computer program? I know it 
: >only as a book (Zeigerwerte der Gefaesspflanzen Mitteleuropas).
: ------
: You'll find the name of the program (it exists, but it has another
: name) on one of the last pages of the book "Zeigerwerte...." and
: an adress where you can order it.

: Marcus

We have built up the ellenberg-database as an internet-accessible 
information resource. The WWW-forms to access the database and
all output are currently only available in german. The service is
based on a Qddb-database, therefore we can provide you with a
UN*X standalone database if you have qddb installed on your system.
(Qddb is available at ftp://ftp.ms.uky.edu/pub/unix/qddb and is

URL: http://www.biologie.uni-freiburg.de/data/db/ellenberg.html

Please email us if you are interested in an english version.

We have also a standalone version for DOS and are working on a
WINDOGS version. The latter will be available in the near future.

Email us if you are interested in one of the above.
Please note that none the mentioned databases are currently
capable of doing any statistical calculations with the 
search results.

Hilmar Lapp <hlapp at deep-thought.biologie.uni-freiburg.de>
Peter Welkenbach <piwi at deep-thought.biologie.uni-freiburg.de>

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