[SE] The Onderstepoort Heartwater Literature Collection

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               Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute, South Africa

                        URL:  http://www.ovi.ac.za/

Since it's establishment in 1908 the Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute has
been conducting research on heartwater.  This is an economically important
disease of cattle, sheep and goats which occurs throughout sub-Saharan Africa 
and in parts of the Carribean.

Our literature collection, which is updated monthly, contains a reference to
everything which we know to have been written on the subject since 1877.
The first version of the literature collection is now available on-line in
a searchable form.  In this version of the collection many of the entries have 
no abstracts.  We intend ultimately to have abstracts for all entries, or
pointers to other entries which contain relevant abstracts.

Please send queries or suggestions to:

                            stephan at moon.ovi.ac.za
                            basil at ovisun.ovi.ac.za

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