[DE] Web site for Wildlife Telemetry and Homerange: Need your Input!

"ThomasWeiss"su16pmtw at rz.uni-sb.de "ThomasWeiss"su16pmtw at rz.uni-sb.de
Fri Oct 20 03:25:44 EST 1995

Your opinion and experience in Wildlife Telemetry is wanted.

I was trying to locate Wildlife Telemetry related information on the
internet without very much success.

Now I thought it would be feasable to set up an Information-Pool on
that topic on the Web Site of the Institute for Biogeography at the
Universitaet des Saarlandes (Germany).
This will not be any ListServe or Mailing List!
Please send me your findings, abstracts and pointers via e-mail.
Articles, Opinions, Pointers will be set up in the following


I will have more information there.

Topics I would be interested in are:
I)    New and ongoing research projects (abstracts)
II)   Data processing and analysis plus homerange modells
III)  Integration of telemetry / habitat use with GIS
IV)   Transmitting and receiving Units

A minimum requirement for publication at our site would be a valid
e-mail address.

Please let me know what you think. Any input is greatly appreciated
Please forward the message where appropriate and spread the word.



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