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Sun Aug 11 09:34:18 EST 1996

Have you seen the resources available to scientists through "All the
Virology on the WWW?"  


This comprehensive page lists Servers for Science Jobs, Government
Agencies, Electronic Journals, Scientific Societies, Patent and Legal
Resources, Scientific Companies, Epidemiology and Public Health, and
other Health Related Sites in addition to General Virology, Specific
Viruses, Microbiology, AIDS, Emerging Viruses, and much much more.

It will be maintained and updated often.  Any submissions, additions or
corrections that you might have would be very much appreciated, and can
be made using the following form:


With your assistance, this Web Site will continue to be the best
resource of its kind on the Web.  For those of you who maintain your own
Web Pages, please send me your address if it doesn't already appear on
mine,  and I will gladly add it to the list.

Thank you for your time.  I hope you enjoy our site.

David M. Sander

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