[DI] hydropathy plots?

""klennon at acs.bu.edu ""klennon at acs.bu.edu
Thu Feb 1 08:00:11 EST 1996

Hi all.

I was wondering if anyone could refer me to an ftp site where I might download 
any software that would do hydropathy plot analyses for me (preferably via 
Kyle and Doolittle's method). You see, my trial of PCGene just ran out, and I 
desperately need to check on a couple of proteins (to be honest, I didn't 
think about the fact that today is the 1st of February...)


klennon at bu.edu

PS. It might help if I told you that I need the software to run in DOS or 
Windows 3.11 (I know there's a really cool software for UNIX called Prophet 
that would probably do the trick, but unfortunately the Windows version is 
only in its beginning stages of production).

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