[DI] Sequence Analysis Software Packages ?

"BobObar"102063.2640 at CompuServe.COM "BobObar"102063.2640 at CompuServe.COM
Fri Feb 16 21:41:56 EST 1996

I'd like some advice on commercially available sequence analysis 
software.  I'm planning to set up a new one-computer (with modem) 
system for: (a) inputting and managing cDNA sequences and sequencing
projects; (b) sequence analysis (e.g. alignments, dotplots, ORFs, 
antigenicity/hydrophobicity) and manipulation; (c) PCR primer 
selection; and (d) generation of publication-quality figures.  
I'm leaning toward a Mac-based system (for many reasons), but it'll 
also have to run SoftWindows to be compatible with its computer 
I'm currently considering: (1) MacVector (on a Power PC 
7200/90/8Mb); (2) MacDNAsis (also on the PowerPC); and (3) DNAsis 
plus Oligo 5.0 on a pentium 90/8Mb IBM-compat PC.
Any thoughts on how these options rate, or how they compare with 
each other would be much appreciated.  I'd especially like to know 
if the planned hardware is sufficient for routine use of these 
software packages, or if there are other better options out there.
   Thanks a lot.

--- Bob Obar

"And probably we'll fail."   --- Martin Arrowsmith

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