[DE] Codon Usage Database updated

nakamura at disc.dna.affrc.go.jpNAKAMURAYasukazu nakamura at disc.dna.affrc.go.jpNAKAMURAYasukazu
Tue Jun 25 04:40:56 EST 1996

  Codon Usage Database has been updated.  Now the site have codon
usage tables for non-partial protein coding genes for 5136 organisms
compiled from GenBank Release 95 (15 June 1996).


  (The old site http://tisun4a.lab.nig.ac.jp/codon/ had been expired
because of disk crash of the server.)

NAKAMURA Yasukazu                ynakamu at kazusa.or.jp
Laboratory of Gene Structure 2   Kazusa DNA Research Institute

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