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Fri Jun 28 17:57:46 EST 1996

Hello Mike,

Go ahead and add our TransportSelect resource to your list of on-line tools
for bioinformatics research.  We're at:


Biological Data Transport is an information integration company, and our
web resource currently allows anyone to query multiple data resources at
the same time through one query box.  We currently support 5 resources, and
will be adding more.  We enjoy feedback from the life sciences community as
it allows us to prioritize our efforts.


At 7:47 AM 6/25/96, Mike_Saxby at nbs.gov.Mike.Saxby wrote:
>     Dear Colleagues:
>     As part of our efforts in constructing the National Biological
>     Information Infrastructure (www.nbs.gov/nbii) we are interested in
>     identifying, testing, learning about, and pointing to publicly
>     available online tools that help people analyze and use biological
>     data. I wonder how many listed models are actually online.  In other
>     words, can people can run them online against online data (as opposed
>     to downloading them and appropriate data to their own respective
>     sites) to return various analytical results to their desktop
>     workstations.
>     We currently are visiting, inventorying, and studying as many Web
>     sites as we can discover that offer online tools for biological
>     analyses.  Can you suggest any sites that we may examine and include
>     in our inventory? Again, please note the specific interest in online,
>     as opposed to downloadable, tools.
>     Thanks for your time
>     Mike Saxby
>     Department of Interior
>     National Biological Service
>     mike_saxby at nbs.gov
>     303-202-4259

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