New sequence analysis WEB server at The Sanger Centre

Victor Solovyev solovyev at
Wed Dec 31 05:49:05 EST 1997

	A n n o u n c e m e n t of new WEB server at
		the Sanger Centre:


 These Tools were designed by the members of recently established
	Computational Genomics Group of the Sanger
    Centre Informatics Division and their collaborators

It contains: Finding genes, promoters, splice sites and etc..

	     Prediction of protein Secondary structure

	     Fold Recognition, 3D structure comparison programs

Also, it will have a tool to work with regulatory gene regions
which is now under construction in collaboration with
Geneinformatics Siberian Regional Center in Novosibirsk
(Prof.Kolchanov Lab.).

 This server will have new versions of this software that
will be later moved to the mirror servers at Baylor College
of Medicine in USA:

Please, be patient if some troubles will happen in the newly installed
software. Comments are welcome. We hope that this suit will
permanently collect new programs and hope that it will have
faster respond especially to European users.

Mery Christmas and A Happy New Year
	Sincerely yours, Victor Solovyev

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