Importing FreeMedline output

Marc Saric Marc.Saric at
Mon Nov 17 08:36:02 EST 1997

Hi all,

hope this is the right area for this particular question....

I have a little problem with Data from FreeMedLine

from there you can get Citation-Infos in the following format:

AU  - Palmer JD
TI  - Rubisco rules fall; gene transfer triumphs.
AB  - The most common form of the CO2-fixing enzyme rubisco is=20
      a form I enzyme, heretofore found universally in oxygenic=20
      phototrophs (cyanobacteria and plastids) and widely in [..]
MH  - Dinoflagellida|*EN/GE
MH  - Evolution, Molecular|*
MH  - Ribulosebiphosphate Carboxylase|CH/*GE/ME
AD  - Department of Biology
AD  - Indiana University
AD  - Bloomington 47405
AD  - USA.
SO  - Bioessays 1995 Dec; 17(12):1005-8
DP  - 1995 Dec
TA  - Bioessays
PG  - 1005-8
IP  - 12
VI  - 17
UI  - 96112760

The problem is: How to import this into a common database or
citation-management-tool without too much handwork.

Afaik databases only accept fixed length text and text with delimiters,
organized in columns. All this isn=B4t the case with the above dataset.
Is there anyone who has had the same problem in the past and succesfully
managed it?

Thanks in advance!



Marc Saric


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