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Daniel Rasay rasay at
Tue Oct 28 05:17:10 EST 1997

Amphibian Information Center Open for Review

Patuxent Wildlife Research Center (USGS/BRD), in collaboration with the
National Park Service and the US Environmental Protection Agency, has
developed a web-based searchable database system for amphibian related

The idea will be to populate this site with bibliographic data, web links,
and researcher's names and addresses using a set of standardized keywords
and a powerful database system.

We feel that we have developed a pretty good database structure, but would
like to get some feedback from the larger amphibian-conservation community
regarding its usefulness.  

We have populated the databases with some example datasets.  Please take a
bit of time to look at what we have done and send us some feedback.

Comments can be sent directly to Dan Rasay at dan_rasay at

Thank you.

PWRC, 12100 Beech Forest Dr., Laurel, Md 20708-4038 Http://

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