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Richard Friedman friedman at
Thu Jan 22 03:48:36 EST 1998

Fellow Cyberpunks,

     I am repeating a question that I asked recently and then
withdrew, thinking that I had the answer, but the fix I  had did not
work out. I am having trouble saving a BLAST2 output html page
using Netscape Navigator 4 (w/o Page Composer) on the Mac.
When I save as source on Netscape 3.0 using Save As, and the
Source option, it saves as a text file, that when opened with
Navigator 3.0 reproduces the original HTML page. On the other
hand, I can only save it in Communicator 4.0 by using the
Edit Page option. When I try this in just plain Navigator 4,
using Save As, Source, I get the first Blast2 web page
as it looked before I selected the kind of BLAST I was using.
I can't get the BLAST output.

 It is important that I do this with just plain Navigator
4 because I will soon be teaching a lab in which the Macs are
equipped with just plain Navigator 4.0 and not Communicator,
and I need the students to be able to save html pages. Getting
the HTML page via e-mail is not an option, because the Macs
in the labs have had their e-mail capabilities disabled
because somebody used them to send irritating anonymous


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