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> Fellow Cyberpunks,
>         I have had trouble saving NCBI Blast web pages as html using the
> option with Netscape 3.0 or 4.0 for the Mac, but have been able to do it
> with Netscape 3.0 for the DEC-Alpha.The files save as text. I would
> appreciate any help along these line you can offer. 

This a new "feature" that Netscape have kindly incorporated into the Mac
version of 4. The application requests the cgi output from the server without
reposting the form data, this results in the strange behaviour you are seeing.
This is a major fault with Mac N4.0 that they don't seem to be bothered to
fix, there have been a number of major upgrades since 4 originally appeared
and none of these fix the bug.

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