where is PCGENE software for n.a. analysis

bradley turner turner at sprcore.caregroup.harvard.edu
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PC/GENE was originally produced by Intelligenetics.  This company
was recently aquired by Oxford Molecular.  I don't know if they still
produce or support PC/GENE.  Their current product which is supposed to
be a "succesor" to PC/GENE is Omiga 1.1.  They can be contacted as

United States
Oxford Molecular Group Inc.
2105 S. Bascom Avenue
Suite 200, Campbell
California 95008
+1-800-486-7489 phone
+1-408-879-6300 fax
support at oxmol.com

Oxford Molecular Ltd.
The Medawar Centre
Oxford Science Park
+44-1865-784600 phone
+44-1865-784601 fax
support at oxmol.co.uk

Hope this helps (no affiliation or commercial interest or endorsement),
Brad Turner

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Somebody knows where is PCGENE software please tell me by email bionews at 263.net. Thank You very much!


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I don't know whether Intelligenetics still exists or not, but their
former contact information is as follows:

Intelligenetics Inc.
700 East El Camino Real
Mountain View, CA 94040 USA
415-962-7300 phone
415-962-7302 fax
ig-consultant at presto.ig.com

In Europe:

(+32) (3) 219 6449 phone
(+32) (3) 219 5354 fax
europe at presto.ig.com

You might also try to contact the original author of PC/GENE
Dr. Amos Bairoch of the Department of Medical Biochemistry,
University of Geneva, Switzerland

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