New academic bioinformatics service in Canada

Christoph W. Sensen sensencw at
Mon Feb 15 14:18:36 EST 1999

On Feb. 3rd, the Canadian Bioinformatics Resource was officially opened.

CBR-RBC offers access to the major bioinformatics software and databases for
academic use
in Canada. The annual user fee is 195 Cdn$. Services include:

Secure shell (ssh) and ftp access to

- SeqWeb
- Sequence assembly programs
- Phylip
- Access to more than 70 nightly updated databases.

When subscribing, users will receive an account on a Sun Enterprise 4000
server with twelve 250 MHz CPUs and 2 Gb of
main memory. Each user will have 10 Mb of diskspace on the system. CBR-RBC
is connected to CA*net II, Canada's high
speed Internet. A help desk is available through Base 4 Bioinformatics in
(for details see

For subscription details and free public Web services, including SRS-5,

CBR-RBC is Canada's National EMBnet node.

Christoph Sensen

Project Manager, CBR-RBC

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