screening for dinucleotide/trinucleotide repeats in sequence

Valerie Laurent valerie.laurent at
Thu May 25 06:18:43 EST 2000

"Gorry, Mike wrote in his mail:
> Is anyone aware of a program/algorithm available that will screen large
> segments of
> sequenced DNA (BACs or PACs) for dinucleotide/trinucleotide repeats that
> have not
> already been identified ?


I am currently screening a genomic library for microsatellites. An
informatician has develloped a database to stock my sequencing files This
database is able to screen sequences (even large as BAC) for  perfect
di/trinucleotide  repeats. It currently doesn't work for imperfect repeats
and accept only .txt or .rpt files but in a next future should recognize
also .bio files from bioedit. It works on windows 9x / NT. It is in french
but really easy to use. If anyone interested in, I can provided it.

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