How to make unit test for GUI and Web app?

juliayee juliayee at
Mon Oct 16 05:47:04 EST 2000

The First Question: for app written by PB,
Delphi and Java:
1) Is there some tools to check the validity of
the source code, just like PCLint for C and C++?
2) Is there some tools can compute how many percent
of codes of an app have been tested after running a
lot of test cases? I know there are some tools like
Purify and Quantify for C and C++, but is there some
tools for PB ,Delphi and Java?

The Second questions: How to make unit test
for GUI and Web App?
1) For GUI app, we can make test scripts using tools
such as QARun, but how about Web app?
2) For script language, such as JavaScript, or HTML,
how to make unit test?
3) Is TCL really workable for such app? I think tcl
can only do a small amount of job. You have to write
programme to simulate all kinds if real cases. TCL
just provide a basic environment, or the prssibility
of test scripts.

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