SRS and multiple retrievals

Alejandro Miguel Martin Dunn alejandro.martin at
Fri Sep 8 04:17:54 EST 2000

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>Subject: SRS and multiple retrievals

>I would like to retrieve data for multiple SWISS-PROT 
>accession numbers;
>I have these in a file.  Is it possible to use the SRS to retrieve all
>the sequences by passing the file of accession numbers?  Is there any
>sequence retrieval program that can do this.  Appreicate any help or
>reference.  Thanks,

You can't do this on SRS anymore :)
I'm not by far an SRS experienced user but I don't remember any way to do
that. However, you can try this (it's an old e-mail service allowing the
user to retrieve ENTREZ records, don't know if it's still working):

Service: retrieve at
Purpose: Retrieve GenBank and other sequence data-base records from an
e-mail server based on any text term, including accession number, author
name, locus, gene name, etc.
How To Use/How To Get Help: To receive documentation, send a message
containing only the word HELP. For personal assistance, send e-mail to:
retrieve-help at


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