Announce - upgraded GPCR classification webserver

Rachel Karchin rachelk at
Thu Jun 14 03:59:33 EST 2001

The GPCR subfamily classifier

has been upgraded to search through all classes, subfamilies, types and 
sub-types of GPCRs currently listed in the GPCRDB information system

The classifier takes a putative GPCR sequence as input and:

1) runs the sequence through a library of hidden Markov models to predict 
class membership in one of the ten classes listed in GPCRDB:

  Class A Rhodopsin like
  Class B Secretin like
  Class C Metabotropic glutamate / pheromone
  Class D Fungal pheromone
  Class E cAMP receptors (Dictyostelium)
  Ocular albinism proteins
  Frizzled/Smoothened family
  Nematode chemoreceptors
  Drosophila odorant receptors
  Plant Mlo receptors

2) runs the sequence through a library of discriminative classifiers 
(support vector machines) to predict subfamily, type and subtype, i.e. 

 Class A 
         Adenosine type 2 

3) returns the results to you via email

A detailed description of the statistical significance of the prediction 
scores, datasets used to build the classifiers and results of two-fold 
cross-validation experiments evaluating the system's accuracy are also 
available at the website.

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