Timeless Medical Systems unveils new approach to distributed/internal LIMS/LIS

John Rowe john at timelessmedical.com
Fri Apr 29 13:05:30 EST 2005

Dear bionet members,

My name is John Rowe, and I would like to introduce our company
Timeless Medical Systems.  We are a developer of advanced software and
hardware technologies for the healthcare and research communities.

We recently launched version 2.0 of the Timeless Laboratory Information
Management System (LIMS), a comprehensive laboratory information
management system for all laboratory disciplines.  The Timeless LIMS is
an advanced system built upon the latest scalable database foundation,
incorporates customizable applications, supports multiple users in more
than one geographic area with secure access to the data, and provides
an intuitive and efficient workflow enabling fast and accurate turn
around of results.

I would be happy to answer any questions about this latest release and
provide in-depth information as to functionality and capabilities.
Please post or contact me directly: john at timelessmedical.com /
800-630-3730 / www.timelessmedical.com.

Best regards,


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