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Wed Jun 3 14:17:15 EST 2009

Forgive the intrusion, but I am writing to let the scientific and  
educational communities know about a new toy company dedicated to  
teaching younger kids about evolution, www.charliesplayhouse.com  
("Games and Toys Inspired by Darwin"). The first toy is an 18-foot  
long timeline that introduces kids to over 60 amazing creatures that  
have sprouted up in the last 600 million years.

The company was founded because there are literally no toys out there  
focusing on evolution even though the market is replete with toys  
about chemistry, physics, astronomy, and virtually any other branch of  
science. The big toy companies also shy away from the subject because  
of fears of a political backlash from creationists.

Please help me spread the word about this company. It's not easy to be  
starting a company right now, but it's especially hard when so many  
educators and parents think evolution is a subject little kids can't  
handle. Of course, it is, and this company even makes it fun.


Lawrence Goodman
w- (401) 626-4704
goodman.lawrence from gmail.com

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