Re. I need mouse chromosome 11 map

Fri Aug 20 12:27:00 EST 1993

"grave at" 20-AUG-1993 11:46:50.20 wrote:
>Subj:   Re: I need a map of Mouse Chromosome 11
>        I was trying this, but Whenever my Gopher Client tried to connect
>to said site (  The connection was refused.
>tell me much about this site.  Is it perhaps closed?

I just connected to that site successfully. Perhaps your gopher
software is not working correctly. Are you able to connect to
any site at all? I used the port 70 to

Another way to get all the chromosome map as idiograms
is to contact David Adler at the Univ. of Washington.
His E-Mail address is dadler at

Good luck!

Song-Muh Jong
sjj at

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