Chromosome Idiograms, human and mouse

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Thu Jun 17 10:24:11 EST 1993

In article <1virosINNb3o at> dadler at writes:
>Hello Bionauts,
>I am pleased to announce the availability via Gopher of computerized  
>idiograms of human and mouse chromosomes. The idiograms are in PostScript  
>(PostScript is a trademark of Adobe Systems Inc.) and were created to  
>allow band-by-band manipulation with certain graphics software, such as  
>Adobe Illustrator, Aldus FreeHand, Corel Draw, Altsys Virtuoso. These  
>files can be freely used by individuals for personal use or by non-profit  


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Sorry to post to the net but I couldn't contact you via e-mail. I'd like a
copy of the chromosome 20 pic but unfortunately haven't got a gopher 
connection. Is it possible to ftp? If yes what's the machine address and
where are the files?

Many thanks 
njw at

Nick J. White
Haematological Medicine
University of Cambridge
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