373A Data Collection V1.2.0

Bill Abrams wra at biochem.dental.upenn.edu
Thu Jun 24 16:18:09 EST 1993

In using the latest version of Data Collection software for the ABI373A DNA
sequencer (V 1.2.0), we have noted the following problem. The software no
longer checks to see if sufficient disk space is available on the hard
drive before starting data collection as was the case for earlier versions.
When the hard drive drops to approximately 4 MBytes of available disk
space, data collection stops, although electrophoresis continues. Older
versions of the software used to issue a warning at the initiation of a
run, when insufficient disk space was available. 

If collection stops, interupt run on ABI main unit, go to the finder,
discard old files, empty trash, and resume run on ABI unit. Data collection
will resume with the next scan.

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