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Tue May 25 06:53:00 EST 1993

        Welcome to the CHROMOSOMES news group.  Both of us are
glad David finally got rid of the hyphen in bio-chrom and all
is working.  Our appologies for all the testing but .......

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        As stated in our charter, included below, the purpose of
this news group is to discuss topics related to Mapping and 
Sequencing Eucaryote Chromosomes.  Both of us hope this will
be a useful news group and serve as a mechanism for rapid 
communication for the genome community.  We look forward to
your questions, responses and discussions.

Charter for bionet.genome.chromosomes

Discussion Leaders: Greg Lennon and Bruce Roe

	The topics open for discussion include:

  1. Physical mapping of human, mouse and other eucaryote chromosomes
  2. Large-scale sequencing of cDNAs and chromosomes
  3. Mapping of human, mouse and other eucaryote cDNAs to chromosomes
  4. Selection of chromosome-specific cDNAs
  5. Generation of chromosome-specific clones, sequences and probes.
     (STSs, microsatellites, etc.)  

with an emphasis on theory, techniques and discoveries.  The overall purpose 
of this news group is to bring research groups with an interest in genomic-level
research and automated methods for studying eucaryote genomes together to 
exchange ideas and protocols, probes and mapping information, and to discuss
other issues relevant to mapping and sequencing eucaryote chromosomes, cDNAs 
and genes.

Greg Lennon
Human Genome Center, L-452
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Livermore, CA 94550
greg at mendel.llnl.gov

Bruce A. Roe
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
University of Oklahoma
620 Parrington Oval
Norman, Oklahoma 73019
broe at aardvark.ucs.uoknor.edu

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