HIV in chromosome preps

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Wed Oct 6 15:10:21 EST 1993

Dear Netters

	I am planning a student laboratory in which the student
will prepare metaphase chromosome spreads from cultured peripheral
leukocytes. The source of the blood is me. ALthough I have been tested
(and found negative, t.g.), and although the students will handle only
fixed material (we'll use the drop method), the campus biosafety
committee would be much happier if I could document that the fixing
process would kill any nasty HIV or Hepatitis germs.

	Can anyone give me an appropriate reference, or could some
authoritative person offer assurance? BTW, what is the experience of
others with 'body fluid' student labs in the '90s?

	Thanks in advance for help

Steven M. Carr
Dept. of Biology
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John's NF A1B 3X9
(709) 737-4776 office / -4713 lab / -4000 FAX
scarr at

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