Info on hum chromosome 1

Thu Oct 7 09:02:14 EST 1993

        In response to JRH122 at 's inquiry regarding the human
chromosome 1 map, this information is available for any human chromsome
from the Genome Data Base at Johns Hopkins University. To suscribe to this
database, contact GDB User Support, William H. Welch Medical Library, 1830
E. Monument St. Third Floor, Baltimore, MD 21205 USA,  Ph.
410-955-7058,Fax: 410-614-0434, Internet: help at The maps of human
chromosomes are also regularly reported in "Cytogenetics and Cell Genetics"
which is published by S. Karger. Excellent chromosomal mapping and
comparative mapping papers also frequently appear in Genomics (Academic
Press, Inc.) and Mammalian Genome (Springer International).

Marc Lalande

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