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> Hi, does any one know where I can find recent information on chromosome 1 > in humans?
The best way to get this info is from GDB.  This can be accessed via gopher
or through dedicated software (GDB accessor on the mac, there are probably
> Also any information on the bovine homolog, specifically the 1q
> region.  Any information on genes located in this region whether in humans
> or bovine would be appreciated.
There is comparative mapping data available in a book called Genetic Maps,
edited by steve OBrien and published by CSHL Press.  I am currently in the
process of putting this information on line.  The overall comparative map
(about 270 loci in 37 species) will be posted to this group in sections. 
The whole map as one unit will be available as a file for use in
spreadsheet programs to allow you to manipulate the data yourself.  Access
will be by Gopher and FTP.  Detailed information about each loci in each
species will be eventually listed and searchable by text searching these
Stay tuned for more info.
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