Sheep mitochondrial genome

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>In article <28tvu7INN6o7 at>, cummins at (Jim Cummins) writes...
>>Does anyone know of a reference to the complete mitochondria lDNA
>>sequence for the sheep?
>>Jim Cummins                   
>>School of Veterinary Studies

>gb|J01394|BOVMT      Bovine mitochondrion, complete genome.  
>gb|V00654|MIBTXX     Complete bovine mitochondrial genome.   
>gb|X61145|MIBPCG     B.physalus mitochondrial DNA, complete genome.
>gb|X63726|MIPVDNA    P.vitulina mitochondrial DNA, complete genome.
>gb|J01415|HUMMTCG    Human mitochondrion, complete genome.

Sorry if this is a silly question but a friend is interested
in obtaining the Human Mitochondrion Genome.  What software/
information server do you use to obtain this information?  
Is there an FAQ on this somewhere?

He would also be interested in obtaining information
on or about mutations resulting in respiratory chain defects.

Thanks in advance,

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